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          Maphumulo Local Municipality is bounded to the north by Tugela River and   MAPHUMULO TOWN: URBAN SCHEME
          extends approximately 30km to its southern boundary with Ndwedwe Local
          Municipality. It is situated on the R74 road from KwaDukuza to Kranskop and
          it is linked to Ndwedwe through the P711 road. The primary administrative
          centre of the Municipality is the town of Maphumulo, which is located
          approximately 38km north-west of KwaDukuza Municipality. A number
          of opportunities exist in Maphumulo and these can be summarised as:
          > Land availability and favourable soil and climatic conditions for
           agricultural production.
          > Maphumulo LM is strategically located along R74 which links the
           coastal areas of KwaDukuza to Kranskop, Greytown, and leads to
          > Maphumulo is also linked to Ndwedwe and eThekwini through the
           P711. Strategic linkages provide good investment opportunities if
           appropriately developed and taken full advantage of.
          > From an investment attraction perspective, the formalisation of the
           Maphumulo Town, adoption of the Land Use Management Scheme
           (LUMS), valuation roll and the establishment of the Immovable Land
           Disposal Committee.
          > Municipal areas possess a lot of untapped cultural/eco-tourism
           potential due its cultural background and natural heritage.  LEGEND
          > ESKOM manages projects that are currently under construction in   Urban Scheme
           Maphumulo with 2 582 total connections expected at a total cost of   Active Open Space
                                                                        Adjusted Cadastral
           R51 million at Amabomvu, Mkhonto and Mambedwini.             Core Mixed Use
                                                                        Existing Road
                                                                        Light Industry
          Although Maphumulo is predominantly rural, it has the vision of   Medium Impact Mixed Use
                                                                        Municipal and Government
          becoming a catalyst for sustainable socio-economic development   Other Roads
          to create a better life for all within the local area.        Proposed Roads
                                                                        Public Open Space
                                                                        Residential Only Detached 1
                                                                        Residential Only Detached 2
                                                                        Residential High Impact
                                                                        Transportation (Taxi Rank)
                                                                        Urban Agriculture
                              MAPHUMULO LOCAL MUNICIPALITY              Maphumulo LM
                              Tel: 032 481 2087

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